Jump in the middle of a Short Story

…pushed the door open as the pile of books fell to the floor. What a fool, I thought. Negative. Bump. Bump. Bump. I lost sight of him pushing through to the end of the hallway. Did he find those goofy glasses? No time for wondering. Must make it on time.

If only I could tell him that… Heavens to betsy, why’d you do that? Crazy kids! Never respecting indoor rules. Focus. I’m late. Oh no, I am really late. Hold it please!

I guess he did find those goofy glasses. How did he beat me here. Well, thankfully I made it. I didn’t even notice the bow tie when he was down on the ground. Mhm… interesting color choice and even taller than expected. Did he spot me in the hall? Shit, where is my purse?  I can’t believe I made it all this way and forgot it in the car. Act normal Heather.

Great, there goes the door…

Thanks for reading,

Gabby Salazar





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