Saturday A.M. – Kid vs. Adult

Oh, what a difference…

Saturday mornings have definitely changed over the years. Life itself has changed. Now, I have more worries and responsibilities. There are days when I wish I could go back in time to be a kid again. Specially on Saturday mornings!

As a Kid:

I loved waking up early on Saturdays. Not so much during the school days, but Saturdays were great. I would wake up without an alarm to watch cartoons! Saturday morning Cartoons during the 90’s… the best era.

Do you remember?

Eating a bowl of cereal on the couch, in my case, with my two younger siblings fighting over the remote control. Boys!

Man, my favorite cereal was either the cinnamon toast crunch or lucky charms. I would pour mostly cereal and a little bit of milk. I would eat it super fast so the cereal wouldn’t get soggy. All while watching cartoons: the Rugrats, Scooby Do, Looney Toons, Care Bears… omg the list goes on! Those were the days. Worry free.

  • What did you do as a kid on Saturday mornings?
  • What cereal did you eat?
  • What was your favorite cartoon?

As an Adult:

Adulting sucks sometimes. Nowadays, I’m so tired from the work week and the running around I do. The one thing I wish to do on Saturday mornings is SLEEP! I look forward to sleeping in on Saturdays. Well, when I have the chance.

However, I do think to myself, one of these Saturdays, I’m going to wake up early and go for a jog or maybe do some yoga. Let’s be honest… it ain’t gonna happen. I’ll much rather catch some zZZzZzzz. Saturday mornings are not as fun anymore.

  • What do you do on your Saturday mornings?
  • Do you have a routine?
  • Are you sleeping like me?

Thanks for reading,

Gabby Salazar


      1. Thank you❤️ Yes, today it is very nice, the family is gathering at my home and we are just going to have a lovely time and be together and enjoy🦋
        I hope your day is great too🦋

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  1. Due to being on disability, most mornings are the same for me. But there is something magical if I can sleep past 9am on a Saturday. Hmm, my routine is the same pretty much every morning too. I meditate for at least 20 minutes. Then it’s trying to wake up my roommate for her to go to work. That takes close to an hour to do, so in the meantime, I take care of all the pets and prepare coffee. Afterward, when she wakes up we enjoy coffee & conversation. Then… I here on WP for a majority of the day if not cleaning. I am a real neat freak with OCD. Everything must be organized and clean before I can get busy here. LOL!

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  2. That reminds me of when my kids were little in the early ninetie’s. Two elementary school children and a toddler, cheeks flushed, hair twisted from sleep, pajama’s wrinkled, lips covered in milk, and eyes glazed over as they watched cartoons. It may have been the only time they were quiet. Lol!
    When I was small I loved corn pops. Hell, who am I kidding, I still love corn pops. Only now I eat them right out of the box for a snack. Better than ice cream!


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