Dear thieves:

Since today I am embracing HOPE, I’ll like to shine some light on this Blog from last year 02/17/18.


Yesterday, you broke into my truck and stole my backpack along with my books, my notes, my laptop, my purse and also my guitar – All gone! You decided to take something that did not belong to you without knowing how hard I worked to obtain it and how much I cherished it.

I was very upset mainly because you took my guitar, la Rosita. I loved that guitar! It had more sentimental value than its actual monetary worth. She was my companion. Every melody produced by her was in God’s honor. We praised together. I truly hope that she brings many blessing to you so you can stop stealing from others. Maybe you need her more than me, and it was time we parted ways.

Despite everything, I want to thank you for this opportunity of growth. You allowed me to see the good in my neighbor. In this crazy world full evils, there is still hope. There are still genuinely good people. You helped me experience that. Someone at work stayed with me as I waited for the cops. He helped me patch my window with cardboard. He didn’t have to that, but he did. Guess what? He even gifted me a guitar his kid never used because he knew I play every Sunday at mass. He didn’t have to do that either, but he did because he has a kind heart. Another friend selflessly gifted me his old guitar as well. Now, I have two sources of worship! Sure, they will never be la Rosita, but they will serve as a reminder that good people do exist.

You can break my window but not my soul. You can take my belongings, but you can never steal what really matters: the love of my family/friends. They came to support me and brighten up my day without hesitation. I want to thank you for reminding me of how blessed I am. It’s easy to forget sometimes living in this hectic world. However, not everyone can say they have such an awesome support system like my family and my squad! Material things come and go, but the real gold is found in the love of those around me.

So, I hope you make good use of what you stole because I definitely embraced the gift you left me.

God Bless,

Gabby Salazar


  1. I must say, it takes a heart of gold to wish the person who stole from you well. It’s something I often struggle with: allowing myself to let go. This post speaks volumes about you as a person. I’m literally sat at my desk at university stunned by this post. I’m speechless. You are such an incredible person and the way you have handled this situation is something I envy; I long to have the kind of peace you seem to possess.

    Thank you for this little insight into your life. I’m so sorry that this happened to you but you truly are an inspiration.

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    1. I appreciate your kind words! Just wanted to share that I named my two new companions: Hope and Esperanza 🙂

      This will be a continuous reminder that despite all the things that can go wrong and will go wrong in my life, there are still good people out there and that will always give me HOPE!

      Best Wishes!

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