Say NO

Okay, guys… this is something I’ve struggled with. I am definitely better now, and it has made life so much easier: Saying NO.

If you are like me, there is no stopping. Life is always on the go-go-go-go.  I like to get involve in all kinds of extra curricular activities, church, work, friends, blogging, you name it and I’m there! Well, this lifestyle can and will get tiring at some point. I don’t have the same energy as years back. So, there are things that I’ve had to say no to.

Saying no is healthy.  When I am too overwhelmed and can’t add anymore to my plate, I have to say no. Are you coming? No, sorry. Maybe next time. It’s okay to decline invitations and activities because your body and mind need to rest too. Saying yes to everything is just too exhausting.

Sure, learning to say no may be difficult at first. People may feel offended or confused as to why you’re saying no to them. Some may even take it personal. However, our well being should come first.

Thanks for reading,

Gabby Salazar




    1. Oh yes it does! I had to train myself as well. It was mostly on me that I wanted to be everywhere and do everything, but it’s impossible. I noticed it was taking a toll on my health. Now, I am more cautious on what am committing to do. I still say yes to a lot of things but not everything! ❀

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