The Art of Moving on

Often times past relationships, disappointments, failure, or even criticism steal our joy. We dwell on it. And dwell on it. We dwell on it so much that it becomes a problem. It locks us in a state of being that hurts us and those around us. All this baggage holds us back from enjoying life and appreciating the wonderful things happening right NOW!

If you find yourself in this situation, IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON! Sure, it is easier said that done so keep reading to find some ways to finally leave the past where it belongs – the past!

Make the decision


It all starts with ourselves. We have the power to decide in our lives and make changes. So, are you ready? Say it to yourself. I am ready to move on. This may be the hardest step because we have to accept that we have a problem. Nothing will get better until we actively and firmly make this decision on our own.

Focus on the positive


Why give bad experiences the power to control our present? Silence that negativity and keep it from dragging you down. Even better, transform it into lessons learned and make it something positive. Every experience can teach us something. We just have to stop focusing on the bad and the “what ifs”. Look for the good out of the situation.

Mexican moms always say: No hay mal que por bien no venga meaning every cloud has a silver lining. What’s your silver lining? Find it!

Break the ties

let go

We may not like this one, but it is necessary. We may have to say goodbye to a person, an object or even an idea that stops us from moving forward. There is no need to hold on to it. Erase the number. Burn the letter. Talk about it. Express your feeling. Then, turn the page once and for all and don’t look back.

Now, we are ready to close that chapter of our lives and walk away to start writing on a fresh new page. Wait… before you go, receive a BIG HUG from me!!!

Thank you for reading,

Gabby Salazar


  1. You’d think moving away from toxic people and situations, we’d be more than willing to move on from. But we actually tend to accustom ourselves to toxicity. And some would even believe it necessary… because for some people it’s all they know..

    Sorry for the deepness.. John comment.

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