Lost at Sea

The mighty ocean has wrecked my ship, no mercy
Ferociously swaying every inch of glory from side to side
Consuming the majestic vessel piece by piece into the bottom of the unknown
The waves came crashing down with a wrath of fury so strong
Destroying the last bit of hope.

The calm and soothing sound of the wind intensified into a roar of thunder
My vision grew foggy and my heart felt heavy
I was lost in this illusion of peace and harmony
Not knowing that the idea of that pretty picture on the wall had danced its way into my imagination.

I was starting to see the bright blue skies upon the horizon gracefully meeting the sand
It seemed so real
I felt the warmth of the sunshine gleaming through the clouds landing on my face
caressing my cheeks and finding rest on my chest
I could hear the chirping of the seagulls
Wings spread wide floating above the seashore.

Oh, so beautifully coated lies
Lies that can be seen over and over and suddenly become credible
Lies that I chose to believe to stay sane
A deceiving way to have faith in what I know cannot be
Lies that lead me into a maze with no exit
Those lies bring light to the darkest corner of my soul and wake up the monster.

That thirsty beast with tiger claws, eyes of a hawk and canine instinct that seek the truth
A truth that lies far beyond those pretty strokes of blue and white painted by the graceful hand of the artist
Capturing a glimpse of perfection
Painting a canvas full of dreams and aspirations but never fully depicting the sad reality
Giving the impression that the sun always shines bright and the sky stays clear.

Thanks for reading,

Gabby Salazar


New Jersey Dune Walk by Ken Ahlering


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